Atlanta’s Exclusive Dating Community for Black Singles and Beyond

If you’ve ever dated in Atlanta, especially as a Black single, you know how hard it is to find love. And we do, too. Traditional dating apps lead to the same disappointing results, and it seems like no one’s serious about finding a relationship that lasts.

That’s why we’ve set out to transform the Atlanta dating scene with The Find’s carefully curated community of singles who are ready to land on something real. It’s elevating standards in Atlanta’s dating pool, especially for the Black community that often struggles to find quality partners with the same high standards.

Members of The Find’s private dating community are all hand-vetted by our team of matchmakers to make sure they’re the right fit for our membership and that they are serious about finding love and not just hooking up. We believe quality over quantity is best when it comes to dating, so that’s why only a few applicants are chosen to become part of our exclusive dating community.

Our Vision

The Find is on a mission to match Atlanta’s ambitious yet humble singles with each other while removing all the BS of other dating apps out there. We save you time and bring you only the best-vetted matches so that we can put a halt to endless swipes, bad dates, and disappointment after disappointment.

Our Members

Though we’re an exclusive dating club and only a few will be selected, elitist attitudes don’t work here. We love welcoming authentic, happy people who are simply tired of what current dating apps offer and are ready to find something real.

And though we’re especially focused on creating an upscale dating experience for Black singles, The Find also welcomes Atlanta singles from other groups often left behind in other dating communities or apps. So no matter your skin color, religion, profession, or sexual orientation, you’re welcome at The Find. We also specialize in matching singles with STDs with prospects who are open, welcoming, and accepting of your love, too.